About Us

We're a team of two artists Bishwaranjan Bhattacharjee (aka Bish) and Abhipsa Mukherjee (aka Abi), with a passion for nature and travel photography. It is our dream to travel the world and share with you the best of all that we witness. While we have been travelling and taking photographs for several years now, it is only recently that we started entering our photographs for local exhibitions, competitions and art shows. Happy with the positive response we received, we decided to set up our own online presence for our collection of nature and travel fine art prints. We plan to grow our collection over the next few years, so stay tuned! Do subscribe to our mailing list so we can keep you posted with the latest updates.

Awards and Exhibitions

Bishwaranjan Bhattacharjee


    • Finalist at the Greenwich-Westchester International Competition 
    • Exhibited at South Salem Art Show, Westchester, NY


    • Honorable Mention at Waters Art Show by Grey Cube Gallery   
    • Exhibited in the art show "Hudson - And So It Flows", by Blue Door Art Center in Westchester, NY


     Abhipsa Mukherjee


    • Photograph titled “Watching You”, received an accepted status in Color Camera Club’s 2020 Westchester International Competition

    • Photograph titled “Together” received fifth place in a photography competition cum online exhibition by Contemporary Art Gallery Online.

    • Honorable Mention at Waters Art Show by Grey Cube Gallery.